Over 60 billion cups of tea are drunk every year in the UK alone, and it is the most popular drink for many cultures all across the world. We think of tea as being much more than just a drink to enjoy, it is also one that can provide health benefits, provide comfort and bring people together. There are so many varieties there truly is a tea for everyone!

The Alison Gardiner team are no different, we drink a lot of tea in the midst of our daily tasks and making it well is of paramount importance… no one wants a weak tea.

Here’s how we make it:

  1.        Choose your favourite fine bone china mug. Drinking tea from fine bone china improves the taste of your preferred blend and you will definitely notice a difference! No one is really sure why this is.
  2.        Select your tea. Our everyday blend is our Great British Tea, created by the wonderful local All About Tea. This can be brewed for as long as you please without becoming bitter, just giving it a stronger, more biscuity taste.
  3.        We normally make our tea individually, without a teapot. This means one teabag per mug. If a teapot is right for occasion, however, use 2-3 teabags for the pot.
  4.        Top up your mugs with freshly boiled water – no need to stir or fiddle about with the teabag!
  5.        Let it brew for 3-4 minutes depending on how strong you like it.
  6.        Remove the teabags without squeezing them and finish with a dash of milk and sugar to taste.
  7.        Drink, and enjoy!

Optional extra: Enjoy with your favourite biscuit – our personal favourite is a chocolate digestive.

If you’re located in Portsmouth or nearby, try their Portsmouth Tea. It is specially blended for chalky water – but is so good many people with soft water choose it over other blends, too!

Would you make any changes to how you brew yours? Let us know in the comments!